TMT Analytics’ analyst Marc Kennis speaks with Weebit Nano CEO Coby Hanoch
Weebit Nano Ltd (WBT) CEO & Managing Director, Coby Hanoch speaks with Tom Piotrowski about the semiconductor developer’s recent milestones and its strong management team, including ex-Intel Executive VP David Perlmutter.
``Who will win the $bn race between 4DS and Weebit?``, Phil Carey, Editor of investor newsletter, discusses the market with WeebitNano's CEO
May 2018

CommSec - Tom Piotrowski speaks with Weebit Nano's CEO
DEC 2017
Watch Weebit Nano's CEO Interview on TMT Analytics
DEC 2017
EE Times Silicon 60: Startups to Watch
14 NOV 17



We are happy to be among the 60 startups to watch list of the EE Times.

These are 60 firms that EE times feel are worth keeping an eye on.

The selection of the 60 companies in Silicon 60 is based on a mix of criteria including: technology, intended market, financial position and investment profile, maturity and executive leadership.


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We discuss RRAM with Weebit Nano's new CEO
7 NOV 17

Israel-based Weebit Nano was established in 2014 with an aim to commercialize Rice University’s SiOx RRAM technology. Weebit is progressing towards it stated goal of producing a 40nm RRAM Silicon Oxide working cell by the end of 2017.

Coby Hanoch was recently appointed as the company’s new CEO, and was kind enough


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Weebit Nano: Achieving success with ReRAM
2 NOV 17

Memory technologies are changing, per Weebit Nano CEO Coby Hanoch. In a recent phone call he said, “The current technologies, Flash and so on, have been around for a long time and are starting to hit the wall, which is why we’re seeing people going to things like 3D memories.

“At Weebit, however, we are focusing on Resistive RAM – developing the technology with help from Leti Labs in Grenoble, France. With the assistance of Leti, we have been able to develop a 4k-bit memory array…


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Watch Weebit-nano in MEMRYSIS Conference in Athens
April 2017
Watch Dadi Interview on Sky News
NOV 2016
Sky News
Leti lines up with Weebit Nano for ReRAM development
08 Sep 16

Leti and Israeli ReRAM start-up Weebit Nano are to collaborate to develop ReRAM memory technology based on silicon oxide (SiOx). Leti lines up with Weebit Nano for ReRAM development. The two partners will develop SiOx ReRAM memory that is scalable to 40nm, which opens opportunities in multi-billion-dollar memory markets. ReRAM technology Will, says Weebit, replace flash memory that is approaching its scaling limits.…

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Weebit to collaborate with Global tech powerhouse to commercialize revolutionary computer memory
08 Sep 16

It doesn’t happen often but every now and then a tech story comes along that looks like it just might survive the tech bubble and create a real business that makes real money…


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Leti to develop SiOx memory with Weebit Nano
08 Sep 16

Rice University’s breakthrough silicon oxide technology for high-density, next-generation Weebit Nano Ltd. (Tel Aviv, Israel), a startup formed to commercialize silicon-oxide resistive RAM technology, has signed a development contract with French microelectronics research institute Leti…

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RUType1 1-Color
Increasing demand from Israel start-ups
18 May 16

It might not be a well-known fact in Australia, but Israel has one of the highest concentrations of start-ups in the world and is widely recognised as a global leader in research and development. Now the country’s rapidly expanding tech scene is turning to Australia for capital — and experience.


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Former Intel exec to chair ReRAM startup
04 May 16

David Perlmutter, a former executive vice president and chief product officer at Intel, has agreed to be non-executive chairman of Weebit Nano Ltd., a startup formed to commercialize silicon dioxide resistive RAM technology…

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