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Pitt Street Research Report In the driver’s seat post cap raise
July 2020
Pitt Street Research Report The Great Leap Forward
March 2020
Pitt Street Research Report
November 2019
WBT – a “Cinderella” semiconductor stock - STATE ONE
TNT Analytics - Weebit Nano: Gearing up for the big push towards commercialization
MARCH 2019
State One - Weebit Nano Limited A name to remember
January 2019
TMT Analytics - Further de-risked after 1MB arrays achieved
July 2018

On 25 June Weebit Nano (ASX:WBT) announced it successfully built and tested 1 MB SiOx ReRAM arrays at the 40 nanometer (nm) resolution. Even though this announcement was widely expected, it is still very significant in
a number of ways.

TMT Analytics - Weebit Nano: New CEO lays out the plans for the next 18 months
December 2017

We spoke with Weebit Nano’s (ASX:WBT) CEO, Coby Hanoch, who started in the role in October 2017. In our interview he spoke about WBT’s recent technological achievements and its expansion into France. 

TMT Analytics - Successfully scales down to 40nm resolution
November 2017

Weebit Nano (ASX:WBT) announced it has successfully scaled down its SiOx ReRAM cells to a resolution (circuitry linewidth) of 40nm. The company was able to confirm that individual memory cells behaved similarly to SiOx ReRAM cells manufactured at 300nm.

TMT Analytics - ReRAM Memory provides the best of both worlds
October 2017

Weebit Nano (ASX:WBT) is developing a memory technology, which we believe has the potential to complement and even partially replace DRAM and Flash memory within three to five years’ time, in applications such as data centers, smart phones, laptops and IoT devices. The market for these two memory technologies is expected to total US$ 100BN in 2017.

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